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When you are driving down the road and see an eagle sitting on a pole (and your camera is in the car) you turn around and go back and get a shot. Especially since it was such a beautiful sky. This one was sitting in a short tower behind a gas station on my way to Chesnut Park one morning.

Do we wish we could hang upside down so easily?

A yellow rumped warbler hiding in the bushes.

I’ve been seeing a purple gallinule hanging around the dock lately. This one has a snack in his beak.

This little gnatcatcher was being too cute not to take some shots.

I think this may be a juvenile northern parula. He’s got just a hint of gray on his back.

I don’t see swamp sparrows often.

This gnatcatcher was trying hard to get that bug.

This should not really be happening at the park but this young girl was beside herself when the titmouse flew onto her hand. People come early in the morning and leave seed along the boardwalk rail. It’s usually titmouse, cardinals and squirrels that are eating the seeds.

4 thoughts on “The usual stuff

  1. Hello,
    Awesome capture of the Eagle, it is a beautiful photo. The Purple Gallinule is a favorite too. Great collection of birds and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, wishing you a happy weekend!

  2. I would turn around too if I saw an Eagle! Love the small birds we see in abundance here in FL right now. You took wonderful photos! And we were lucky to see a Northern Parula this week too! Enjoy this beautiful weather! Hugs!

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