Visiting some old digs

The gravestones are so old that you can’t read most of them. The King’s Chapel Burying Ground cemetery in Boston is the oldest cemetery in the city and one of the oldest in the country. We stumbled on it while walking over to Boston Commons to see the park. Many famous people in Boston’s history are buried here and it’s said to be haunted (of course). When it first started people were buried in all different directions and at some point in the 1800’s the gravestones were lined up and the bodies now don’t line up with the headstones. It certainly had that spooky feeling.

Some graveyard birds (house sparrows).

The plaque in front of this cemetery says that Paul Revere started his midnight ride in this spot.

Samual Adams grave. He was a politician and a leader of what became the American Revolution. And yes, the beer is named after him (his family made malt back in the 1700’s)

The Central Burying Ground at Boston Common. We did not walk through here but passed by on a tour.

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