A peaceful place

Back in early November when the weather was too nice to be indoors and I wasn’t ready to go home yet after my walk at Chesnut Park, I stopped by Sylvian Abby cemetery. It’s not just any random cemetery (although I have been know to stop at those too. Sometimes cemeteries have good birds). My grandparents are buried here. It was quiet and peaceful with only a few people there.

They are buried in front of these statues. I decided to walk around a bit and realized there are a lot of statues here.

I’m not sure who these statues are but they were big. I didn’t see a sign or plaque.

There are beautiful stained glass windows in the outdoor chapel and mausoleum.

I found this turtle carved out of an old oak tree.

Plants were growing everywhere.

Plaques at the back entrance.

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Visiting some old digs

The gravestones are so old that you can’t read most of them. The King’s Chapel Burying Ground cemetery in Boston is the oldest cemetery in the city and one of the oldest in the country. We stumbled on it while walking over to Boston Commons to see the park. Many famous people in Boston’s history are buried here and it’s said to be haunted (of course). When it first started people were buried in all different directions and at some point in the 1800’s the gravestones were lined up and the bodies now don’t line up with the headstones. It certainly had that spooky feeling.

Some graveyard birds (house sparrows).

The plaque in front of this cemetery says that Paul Revere started his midnight ride in this spot.

Samual Adams grave. He was a politician and a leader of what became the American Revolution. And yes, the beer is named after him (his family made malt back in the 1700’s)

The Central Burying Ground at Boston Common. We did not walk through here but passed by on a tour.

Salem for Halloween

What’s more fun that spending a day in Salem right before Halloween? Brett and I were in Boston for vacation two weeks ago and took the ferry over to Salem for a day. It was our first trip to New England and the weather was perfect. We went on a Wednesday and it was quiet. I had heard the weekends at night were crazy packed. It was a small quaint town and was easy to walk around

Many of the alley ways were decorated.

A few of the markers at the Witch Trail Memorial gardens. There were twenty benches in all marking each name of the victims. Someone had come before me and laid flowers on each bench.

One of the cemeteries in Salem, this one was opened in 1637 and is one of the oldest in the country. Most of the information engraved on the headstones were so worn down that you couldn’t read them.

Brett and I spent 5 days in Boston so I’m going to be boring you with my vacation shots. I took a ton of pictures.

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