Botanical Gardens in the heat

Little critters.

Cute critter. I think he was afraid I was going to steal his nut.

I’m don’t know what this bird is. Any ideas?  I think it may be a juvenile.

A woodpecker chewing on this pretty flowering tree.

Pretty colors.

Crazy ducks.

It was already hot in late April when I stopped by the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo. The summer rains hadn’t started but the heat had already arrived.

Our World Tuesday Graphicimage-in-ing

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4 Responses to Botanical Gardens in the heat

  1. Pat Davis says:

    brown bird ID: looks like it has a nut-cracking beak… could it be parakeet/parrot family?

  2. Carol says:

    Great shots and yes by April you’re into summer!

  3. klara says:

    beautiful shots of flora and fauna.

  4. Breathtaking says:

    Hello!:) A very nice selection of wildlife images. The grasshopper is exceptional!:)

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