Year round residents at Kapok Park

Kapok Park is a good place to see hawks.  They nest there in the summer and you can usually see several all year round. On this recent visit I saw 3. One landed on a branch in front of me and then flew down to the ground and got a bug.

You can always see limpkins here as well. They are very loud at this park. The one above was busy eating a hearty breakfast.

At first I thought this one was a juvenile due to his light color but I think he might be an adult with lighter feathers. Young limpkins stay pretty dark brown as they grow up.

Blue jay looking for a handout.

Great egret flyby.

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8 thoughts on “Year round residents at Kapok Park

  1. Wow what stunning photos of the Hawk, amazing, they kinda put the poor Limpkin in the shadows, yet even those are brill.
    Have a happy Easter, Gordon.

  2. Dina these pictures are outstanding. I would love to be able to get something similar. We have had hawks around our property for a decade and a half. But I never seem to have the good camera with the lens in my presence when the hawk is flying around. Besides that we have few trees in our yard for them to perch within. There is also a red-headed woodpecker I want to snap a photo of.

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