A baby hooter

This beautiful great horned owl was posing so nicely.

The other adult was in another part of the tree and all fluffed up since it was a little chilly that morning.

Oh look! It’s a baby just waking up.

The parent started feeding the baby.

Mom was watching that bug flying close by while the baby was eating.

After breakfast it looks like they are both ready for a nap.

Owls are not too cute when they are first born. This little one was making the strangest faces. Once they get a little bigger and can sit up on the branch they are very curious about everything around them. It’s funny to watch the faces they make. This couple only had one baby.


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3 Responses to A baby hooter

  1. Joyce Layton says:

    Wow! How lucky you are to see these beautiful creatures.

  2. Gordon says:

    Ditto the previous comment, and also it dosn;t get much cuter than that chick.
    Take care Gordon.

  3. Nathan Howe says:

    Those definitely look like hawk feathers in the nest. May be a warning to other hawks in the area to stay away. Thanks for sharing.

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