Eye candy

These are all murals at Wynwood Walls in Miami.  They are only a fraction of the murals that are painted on the building in this old warehouse district. Back in 2009 someone had the idea to turn an old deserted part of town into the cool place to hang out.  The old buildings are now all painted and the area has an eclectic mix of stores and restaurants. On a recent trip to south Florida to visit Brett’s relatives, we spent a morning walking around looking at all of the buildings. I brought my wide-angle lens so that I could stand on the sidewalk and get the entire wall in. It was early enough that were wasn’t a lot of people there to get in my pictures. I took a ton of pictures. Every corner we turned we were like “Oh, look at that cool wall” so more to follow.

3 thoughts on “Eye candy

  1. They really are amazing Dina, and as you say good to get there early. I’ve been to Miami on quite a few trips but never heard about them.
    Take care Gordon.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Dina. So much better than graffiti, although I have long suspected that beautiful wall-paintings are a much more elegant relative of the black-paint-spray-can sort of wall “art”!
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