Sandhill crane twins

I stumbled on to this sandhill crane family walking down the trail at Circle B Bar Reserve in early March. The parents were teaching the babies how to look for bugs and eat them. A few people were standing by but the parents did not seem to mind. As long as you didn’t get too close they just went on their way.  I sat down on the trail to get the pictures and several times I had to get up and move back since they were walking right towards me. It looks like lunch was mostly dragonflies.

The 2 above were taken with my cell phone. They were too close to get with my camera and if I tried to move back any farther I would end up in the swamp.  They strutted down the trail for while before heading back out into the marsh.

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3 Responses to Sandhill crane twins

  1. pat davis says:

    Wonderful sandhill crane fam pix. Thx!!

  2. Gordon says:

    well talk about rubbing salt in the wound, LOL it doesn’t get any cuter than that,they are like easter chicks.
    Enjoy your trip Gordon.

  3. Sallie says:

    Oh my gosh they are adorable … love the family shots….glad you didn’t end up in the swamp ))

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