Backyard botanical gardens

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My Mom loved dogwood flowers. We had several in our yard when I was growing up.



Bright yellow everywhere.




Getting a bite.  My sister had just fed her fish in the koi pond in her backyard.


Beautiful pine trees along the edge of the yard.

My sister and her husband have spent a lot of time working in their back yard.  We were there in late March and the spring blooms were just starting to come out. Their yard looks like a botanical gardens, with flowers, bushes, benches, bird feeders, bird houses and two fish ponds. The thing I noticed the most was the dogwood trees. We don’t have them here in central Florida and I hadn’t seen any during my quick trip to Birmingham. She had several in her yard and it made me think of my Mom.

2 thoughts on “Backyard botanical gardens

  1. Oh my dear Dina , I got a little teary eyed I miss my dogwood trees from up north and made me remember my mom. Wishing you a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY. RAE

  2. Such a sweet memory of your mom. I miss Spring flowers (the regular kind like these) quite a bit — it is beautiful still here in SW Florida, but … oh well, you can’t have “no winter” and expect to enjoy spring — that wouldn’t be fair. I’m glad you got to travel to your sister’s to see these beauties.

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