In memory of my Dad.


The entrance to the Japanese Gardens at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.








Lots of things blooming in late March.



Growing up I spent a lot of time at the Japanese Gardens in Birmingham. It was one of my parents favorite places to go and walk around. My Dad would take a lot of pictures. I was busy playing in the grass and feeding the fish. I was probably wondering when we were going home so I could play with my friends. Now, 30 years later I am there taking pictures without my Dad. This post is in his memory. He died in April 2001, 15 years ago.

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7 thoughts on “In memory of my Dad.

  1. We who have lost the first man we ever loved are fortunate to have the beautiful memories they left behind. My dad died in April 2009.

  2. Dina this is a lovely tribute post! You may have been playing and seemingly not paying much attention while he took pictures, but some of his love of nature and photography obviously became part of your spirit while you were with him. He would love seeing this post.

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