Surprise! It’s twins!


The barred owls had a nest at the busiest trail intersection at Circle B Bar Reserve. Everyone coming from the parking lot got a glimpse of the babies.  The entire 4 hours I was there, the bigger baby was sleeping on a low branch right over the trail. Someone did say they saw it yawning a few times but I only saw it sleeping.





The smaller baby was in another tree on the other side of the trail. He was very curious about that fern growing out of the branch in front of him. These were all taken directly in the sun so it was hard to get a good clear shot of his face and color.


Later in the day I stopped by before leaving and he was sleeping like his bigger sibling.




One of the parents was close by, trying to sleep in the sun.


The other parent was trying to hide higher up in a tree.  He looked tired. Aren’t most parents of twins?  Trying to feed two hungry beaks.

An unexpected surprise in the big tree by the parking lot. I don’t think the owls have nested there before. They will probably be all grown up before I make it out to the park again. Sigh! They grow up so fast.

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