In memory of my Dad.


The entrance to the Japanese Gardens at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.








Lots of things blooming in late March.



Growing up I spent a lot of time at the Japanese Gardens in Birmingham. It was one of my parents favorite places to go and walk around. My Dad would take a lot of pictures. I was busy playing in the grass and feeding the fish. I was probably wondering when we were going home so I could play with my friends. Now, 30 years later I am there taking pictures without my Dad. This post is in his memory. He died in April 2001, 15 years ago.

Shine the Divine

Wild things at the Lowry Park Zoo.

Lots of bees buzzing around the flowers.

Juvenile blue herons hanging around the nest. They were probably born here earlier this spring. It seems they don’t want to leave home.

My first yellow throated warbler of the fall season. (If you can call it fall). The bird reports were saying fall migration started back in mid-August when I took these but it felt like a heat wave. 

There was a titmouse hanging around with the warbler. They were high up in the trees near the manatee hospital.

Not technically a wild thing, this turtle lives in the manatee exhibit. I thought he had a pretty face.

There did not seem to be as many grasshoppers at the zoo than last summer. I wonder if they had been spraying to keep the numbers down. The grasshoppers eat up all of the nice green foliage around the exhibits.

Looking at the waterfall, you could almost pretend you were on some Caribbean island instead of central Tampa.

I hadn’t been to the zoo in several months so I decided to stop in for a quick visit. It was the middle of August, which I always swear I would never visit during that month. Hot and steamy!

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