After the storm


We had a big storm come through the area on Friday and then next morning I headed out to Fort Desoto. It was low tide and the beach was full of things we don’t see that often. Lots of live shells. We mostly see broken ones.


I think this crab took over this empty conch shell.


This starfish was missing a few limbs.


The beach was full of these.  They were all empty though.


Horseshoe crabs were on the beach.


Another critter taking up residence in an empty shell.



The beach was full of the above.  Some kind of sea plant?  Looks like corn on the cob husks to me.


A beautiful cool morning at Fort Desoto Park.

Shine the Divine

5 thoughts on “After the storm

  1. Beautiful captures. You never know what you’ll find after a storm blows threw. By the way, the ‘corn on the cob’ looking things are egg casings for a seashell. They’re quite prevalent on Sanibel.

  2. Vey cool to get to see these wonderful shells right out of the ocean! We used to see them a lot when I was a little girl (we lived in Hawaii and Midway Island) and your selection is wonderful. Great macro shots, too!

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