Random things at Chesnut Park


A leftover Easter bunny eating his breakfast.


Getting frisky.


The eagle has landed.  After being absent all summer, the eagle is back in his usual winter Saturday morning spot across the lake.


I saw this weird stuff growing out of the tree. It looked like it could be merengue but I’m guessing some kind of lichen.




I was excited to see another baby deer at the park. Mom and baby stayed pretty far back in the woods. These were taken from the parking lot and heavily cropped so they are a little blurry.


The teenage buck is still hanging around the family.


The older baby was feeding close by the family. Her spots are getting a little fainter.

These were all taken in late September.

Saturday's Critters

6 thoughts on “Random things at Chesnut Park

  1. Hello Dina, lovely captures of the crittes. The deer are awesome, I love the spotted baby. Cute bunny and a great eagle shot. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

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