The neighborhood pond





I stopped by a neighborhood pond to see what was floating around in it. I parked my car and got out and saw two sandhill cranes in someone’s yard. Just relaxing under a tree. They stayed there while I was walking around the lake. When I got back to my car, they were walking around in the street.


Nothing too exciting in the pond. A great blue heron was hiding in the reeds.



My favorite muhly grass was pink and the red berries were out.



A red bellied cooter and a soft shell turtle were basking in the sun.

Not much floating in the pond right now. Hopefully, some winter ducks will show up.

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9 thoughts on “The neighborhood pond

  1. Fantastic series of photos. Love the birds, especially the sandhill cranes as I don’t get to see them. They sure are beautiful. I have never seen a soft shelled turtle either, fascinating little thing. .

  2. You seem disappointed by what you found. To me the wildlife looked very interesting and exciting to watch especially the sand cranes. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.

  3. Not much to look at IF you live where you do! (I’d love to see a sandhill crane right now. Or any bird big enough for me to photograph well. These little brown Oregon jobs are getting kinda’ tiiresome ;>)! Back in Birding Paradise before too terribly long.

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