A Big Red addiction

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I had not been to Fort Desoto in a couple of weeks so I headed to the park on a recent Saturday morning not expecting to find much. It was right before the bulk of the fall migrating birds had come through. I just wanted to get out on the beach and stretch my legs. It’s pretty usual to find a reddish egret fishing for food somewhere around the north beach area. There are several that hang out there all year. I stopped and watched him standing still and thought to myself “Move on, I’ve got a million pictures of him” but when he stepped off the spot and started to dance around looking for food, I couldn’t stop myself. I finally realized I am addicted to reddish egrets. After a while a juvenile reddish egret came flying in (flight shots in the middle). He doesn’t have his deep colors yet. The adult did not want him fishing in his spot and chased him away. They both flew across the beach and I thought they were gone but the adult came right back and kept on feeding. After close to a hundred pictures, I finally moved on.

3 thoughts on “A Big Red addiction

  1. It’s a wonderful addiction to have and I am glad you are so generous sharing it! Those guys are so fun to watch, how they dance around. He looks a little addicted, or addled anyway, in that one shot with his head feathers all bed head !

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