Meet Hancock, the barred owl

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Timing is everything. I have spent countless hours looking for the barred owls at Circle B Bar Reserve with little luck in the past year.  I had heard one was hanging around the dock over Lake Hancock recently but I wasn’t even going to try to find him. I figured he would be napping high up in a tree somewhere off the trail. I stopped by the dock and took a 10 minute break and then headed back on the trail. A lady was waving at me a little ways down. As I got closer, several people were standing on the trail staring at this guy. He was eye level and at first he had his back to us. After a few minutes, he flew over to another branch and was staring right at us. I love the curious looks on his face. At this point it was drizzling and we all stood under a tree while taking pictures of him in the rain. Someone in the group named him Hancock, since he lives on Lake Hancock. Although I have other pictures of barred owls, it was great to see other people getting excited at their first time watching one.

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