Saturday morning at Fort Desoto.






Random things around Fort Desoto.


I found this guy on the fishing pier. I don’t know what that is sticking out of his beak. Is it a fishing hook? A fish bone? He didn’t have any trouble flying or eating.




Someone left a fish head on the pier. The great blue heron picked it up and flew off towards the beach with it.

chasing birds

What is it about sleeping birds that makes kids want to run towards them and scare them away? It’s a constant scene on the beach.

Skywatch Friday

7 thoughts on “Saturday morning at Fort Desoto.

  1. Whether fish bone or man made- it doesn’t look right. You might want to report to someone at fort desoto pier or park or wildlife hospital just to make sure they are aware. I think kids, dogs, boats, etc. don’t realize that flushing the birds is not a good thing. They don’t think that some might be migrating, feeding young, exhausted from doing what it takes to exist as a bird. I try to explain to people when I’m around it in a nice way, and it always seems to come as a real shock to them. Maybe it helps. I don’t know. With places that have such high concentrations of birds it would be nice to have it on park brochures, fishing tide handouts, and informational signage. 🙂

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