Little Bambi is getting big


I got a brief glimpse of the baby heading into the woods. Early in the morning the deer walk along the road through the park and graze. As more people come into the park, the deer head into the woods. The moms in the group kept this one well off the main paths.



This young buck is doing well. I’m not sure at what age he will take off on his own, leaving the park family behind.


A doe wandering around by herself.


Not a deer, but an almost grown up moorhen. Still looking at mom for food.

A quiet morning at Chesnut Park on a recent Saturday morning.

Saturday's Critters

8 thoughts on “Little Bambi is getting big

  1. Hello Dina, awesome captures of the deer. I love the sweet baby in the first shot. And Moorhen with the juvie is great too. Awesome photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  2. I love the deer pictures, Dina. My husband and our dog used to see quite a few deer in the coulee near our house, but they haven’t been around much lately. In fact, he has stopped taking a camera on his walks with the dog.
    We’re still hoping some will come to our yard in the winter. It gets very cold here in Alberta, and grazing is hard to come by, so the deer come to eat the fruit from our ornamental crabapple tree.

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