The usual suspects.


Posing great blue heron.


Reflection of a snowy egret.


A lone black bellied whistling duck.


A green heron hiding in the marsh.



A crow was bothering this pileated woodpecker.





Limpkin family along the trail.

My last trip to Circle B Bar Reserve in early June. At least for the summer. It’s too hot on those trails. One of the main trails is closed until September due to alligators nesting close to the trail. I’ll wait until fall migration begins in late September or early October before heading over there again.

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16 thoughts on “The usual suspects.

  1. Lots of great bird shots. I don’t remember seeing a Limpkin before. I like the clear Snowy Egret reflection, and look forward to seeing some Pileated Woodpeckers in my yard this summer.

  2. Wonderful birds every one! Both shots of the Pileated are great, and I love that you caught him looking up like that! A good idea to stay far away from the alligator nests, even if the trail weren’t closed! Hope you have a great summer. We’ll be back to Florida with the rest of the migrating birds ;>!

  3. Hard to pic a favorite from these great photos; probably the woodpecker looking up just because it’s such an unusual pose and you caught it.

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