Birds at Lettuce Lake Park in June

DSC_8403 DSC_8393 DSC_8396

A swallow tail kite, an osprey and a great egret walk into a bar………



“Which is my good side?” said the limpkin.






A prothonotary warbler was looking for food to feed his baby (bottom shot). They were bouncing around near the boardwalk.

8 thoughts on “Birds at Lettuce Lake Park in June

  1. Awesome birds and image Dina! I especially love the Kite and the Warbler. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  2. Your shots of birds on the wing are awesome. And the warbler with his prey items!

    So fine.

  3. Seeing the thumbnail photo of the warbler…so beautiful and yellow, so close up!…I couldn’t wait to get to it to comment (I usually start at the bottom of the page and work my way up visiting everyone). It’s wonderful! But all of your photos were stunning.

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