A roadtrip to see floating cows – Skywatch Friday


Statue of a manatee at the entrance to the Manatee Viewing Center.


Manatees kissing?


A night heron cruising around the manatee area.


Coming up for air. What a nose!


This one was floating on his back.


He started floating towards the boardwalk. I was hoping he would float under us.


Just as he got to the boardwalk he turned over.


Tricolored heron flying by.


Warm water coming out of the electric plant.


The viewing center is across from the TECO (Tampa Electric Co) plant. It was not a nice day. Cloudy and muggy but it was still fun being out and seeing all of the manatees congregate around the warm water coming from the electric plant. I should have taken pictures of all of the people. This was the day after Christmas and the boardwalk was wall to wall people.

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8 thoughts on “A roadtrip to see floating cows – Skywatch Friday

  1. They are so interesting — and you got amazing pictures (especially since there were so many people). We have a Manatee Park here in N Ft Myers, near the power plant here as well. They are more likely to be there on cool cloudy days, because the water is warm. The docent said it is like a hot tub for manatees. They don’t eat there, they just come in when the river water is too cold. When they get hungry they have to swim out of the pool and go out into the river — so if it stays cold for too long that’s a really bad thing.

  2. The manatee photos are wonderful, they have such interesting structure to their faces. I love the heron in flight, so perfectly arched, that must be a difficult shot.

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