White pelicans at Fort Desoto










I had heard there were white pelicans hanging around Fort Desoto. They can usually be seen way off in the distance near one of the spoil islands around the park. I was walking down the north beach at the end of December and spotted a bunch of white dots from far away. I looked through my lens and realized they were white pelicans.  I ignored all of the usual shorebirds along the way and headed straight for the lagoon. There must have been a few hundred there. Most were hanging out on the little sandbar across the lagoon but a few would head into the water and float by.

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17 thoughts on “White pelicans at Fort Desoto

  1. Visiting from WBW, and I love your Blog Dina. First met it last year, and was quite taken by your Posts so I subscribed. I’ve kept the Posts I’ve received in a Folder, just can’t part with them, they are always a pleasure to look at again.

    I have a deep loving soft-spot for Pelicans. I’ve often thought Australian Pelicans to be one of the most beautiful of Pelicans, but I think I’d have to add the White Pelican to my thoughts now with seeing these beautiful photos of them.

    A truly beautiful privilege you had being able to reach the spot where they were to be nearer to them.
    The 5th photo is rather special for me, made me smile and encouraged stories.
    Thank you for sharing,
    infact thank you for all the interestingly beautiful Posts you do.

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