It was Raccoon day at the preserve


We saw them walking down the trail and then we lost them. Looking around, we heard some shaking high up in the tree. Looked up and saw this staring at us.


“Yeh, I’m mean. See my teeth?”


“You don’t believe me? How about this?”


“What about if I growl?”


“I’m sorry. Did I upset you?”


“I’m really just chewing on an acorn.”


“These are yummy.”


Later, we saw another one all alone wandering down the trail.


He was much smaller and all alone. He got pretty close before he veered off into the bushes.


It was also armadillo day. We saw three different ones. I rarely see them here.

Instead of going to the mall for Black Friday on the day after Thanksgiving, we headed to the Black “mask” Friday at Circle B Bar Reserve. Pam’s husband, Craig, came up with that name for the day since we saw so many raccoons that day. It was a beautiful fun trip and way better than fighting the crowds at the mall. Who still goes to the mall these days anyway? Shop on-line.

8 thoughts on “It was Raccoon day at the preserve

  1. Wow, that Raccoon was giving you some nasty looks.. I would love to see an armadillo in the wild, very cool. Awesome photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  2. I keep thinking I won’t bore you with comments on all your posts that I missed but everyone of them is so cute I can’t help myself. These are just wonderful pictures and your captions are wonderful. You should publish a book!!! Again, I of course agree totally re shopping.

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