In the Marsh – Skywatch Friday


Not a pretty morning but still a pretty place. The yellow flowers were just starting to come out.


Tricolored heron in the muck.


Green heron trying to blend in.


Pretty little pied (grebe).


House wren hiding in the bushes.


“Run coot run!”


It’s always fun watching them skim across the water.


Spoonies in the rain.


Only a few were mixed in with egrets and ibis.


Another view from the trail. The bushes were losing their leaves as the yellow flowers were blooming so the contrast was weird.

Even though it was drizzling on and off all morning, I still had a good walk. At least it wasn’t hot. Whether it’s sunny or cloudy, hot or cold, animals everywhere or very few around, Circle B Bar Reserve is still a perfect place.

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7 thoughts on “In the Marsh – Skywatch Friday

  1. Dina, those are beautiful! I love the fog, how it closes things in and simplifies the landscape, and that first picture is lovely! Love all the birds, too, especially your sweet wren and the coot taking off.

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