The eagles are back – Skywatch Friday


I think most of the eagles are back in Florida for the winter and the famous couple down at Fort Myers already have eggs. You can see the web came here. I finally saw one of the eagles not too far from my house on the horse farm. He was sitting in a tree across the street from the nest. I didn’t see anyone on the nest but the mate could have been sleeping on it and I just couldn’t see her from the street.


I spotted the peacocks wandering around the neighborhood where the eagle’s nest is located. There are now a ton of them all over the place. They were pretty quiet when I stopped by but I bet they can wake up the whole neighborhood when they start screaming.


They were all over the neighborhood.


I stopped to take a picture of the eagle in the tree and a horse came over to check me out.


At a nearby pond, I found a kildeer couple.


One of them was wandering down the sidewalk in front of the houses. His friend was across the street in front of the pond.

I was excited to see the eagle back at the horse farm. I’m hoping for another successful eagle family again this year.

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8 thoughts on “The eagles are back – Skywatch Friday

  1. How exciting to have an eagle in your neighborhood. The peacock close-up is interesting, it seems to have an eyebrow of feathers. We had some in our neighborhood once that came down and hung out for a while at our house, they are amazing. I think everywhere I have lived there have been Kildeer, cute photos.

  2. How wonderful to have Eagles nesting so close to your home. I hope that means we willing be seeing the progress of the chicks when they arrive. Love the Peacock.

  3. We saw a whole bunch of eagles — tons — in Alaska and I wondered then if I’d still be excited to follow Ozzie and Harriet. I still think it is great to watch them (in person as well as on the camera) but I probably won’t try so hard for the perfect picture. Because (1) I’m never gonna get it and (2) I have a whole lot of Alaska eagle pictures I haven’t used yet. I think I’ll post something about this on my blog after the Holidays. I’m percolating the idea..

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