A cute baby goat!

Some very young chickens were out running around feeding on the main path.

A peacock was showing off.

Strutting around.

Creepy but pretty lizard.

I got to pet the “not quite week old” baby goat. Me and the other kids. He was so cute and friendly. I took this with my phone and was sitting on the ground watching him play.

Fun distractions on the weekend at Horsepower for Kids.

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The eagles are back – Skywatch Friday


I think most of the eagles are back in Florida for the winter and the famous couple down at Fort Myers already have eggs. You can see the web came here. I finally saw one of the eagles not too far from my house on the horse farm. He was sitting in a tree across the street from the nest. I didn’t see anyone on the nest but the mate could have been sleeping on it and I just couldn’t see her from the street.


I spotted the peacocks wandering around the neighborhood where the eagle’s nest is located. There are now a ton of them all over the place. They were pretty quiet when I stopped by but I bet they can wake up the whole neighborhood when they start screaming.


They were all over the neighborhood.


I stopped to take a picture of the eagle in the tree and a horse came over to check me out.


At a nearby pond, I found a kildeer couple.


One of them was wandering down the sidewalk in front of the houses. His friend was across the street in front of the pond.

I was excited to see the eagle back at the horse farm. I’m hoping for another successful eagle family again this year.

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Last visit to the farm


Chicken Little. Mom was teaching the baby how to shuffle it’s feet in the dirt to scare up the bugs.


Mom sure was pretty!


Cute little baby walking around with mom.


This is the 3rd time I’ve seen bluebirds hanging around near the eagle’s nest.


There were several flying around the horse pasture.


One had a bug for a snack.


These guys are loud!


Resting in the shade.




Lady in waiting.

I took a lot of pictures of the peafowl on my last trip to the eagle’s nest. Although, I should go back in a month or so and see if there are baby peacocks running around. By now the baby eagles have flown the coup. Hopefully they won’t eat that last baby chicken. I heard there were four babies and now there’s only one left. It might have been hawks that got them. The bluebirds have probably left to head north for the summer already. I’ll check back in on the nest next year.

Shine the Divine mom_badgeweb

On the farm.


Peacocks everywhere. I always struggle with getting good pictures of them. Maybe it’s because they are always in the shade.


Peahen lurking around.


I think the one on the right is a juvenile. He was a little smaller than the adults.


Beautiful peahen showing off.


Peacock showing off. He kept doing this when the chickens got close.


Standard peacock shot.


Pretty patterns in the feathers.


A chicken strutting around.


I caught this red bellied woodpecker with a big nut in his beak.

Just a few things I saw while waiting for the baby eagles to wake up.

Shine the Divine

Cool stuff at Gatorland


Grackle shining in the sun. And being loud as usual.


I heard this pileated woodpecker banging on a tree as I started walking down the boardwalk. He was right at the beginning of it before you get to all of the baby birds.


Peacocks have the run of the place. They are always walking around the front of the park.


Great blue herons flying by. This is a good place to practice bird flying shots since they are all busy flying back and forth but it’s hard to focus in the air when all of the action is going on in the mangroves with the baby birds yelling.


A young spoonbill sitting in one of the front alligator exhibits.


I was standing on the sidewalk trying to get the below shot when I noticed movement in the tiny tree next to me. It was a northern parula.


Yes, the egrets go gator surfing. You can feed the alligators hot dogs and the birds try to steal them from the gators. It’s a precarious situation. Look at that big gator in the back!


Of course, I’ve got to show some gator shots. I am, after all, at Gatorland. It’s so funny to see the kids get so excited to see them.

Lots of baby egrets but also many other cool birds to see at Gatorland. Just walking around the park you can see woodpeckers, catbirds, warblers and other birds there. I’ve seen wild sandhill cranes come in to visit the resident ones. It’s a great birding place during nesting season.

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Some eagles, a chicken and a peacock


I see a parent sitting on a branch near the nest.


The other parent was on the nest with two babies. Eagle babies are not cute when they are this age.


One is sitting up pretty good here. They grow up so fast. I’m not sure how old they were when I stopped by. Probably 2-3 weeks? The light at this nest is tough. In the morning I would be taking pictures directly into the sun so I stopped there late one afternoon and the sun is on the side. I can’t go around since the nest is sitting in the middle of a horse pasture. The nest is extremely tilted on one side so you can only see the babies on the shady side at this point. Once the babies are much bigger and sitting fully up, I should be able to see them from the sunny side but it’s still very far away.


The parent was wiping it’s beak off after feeding the babies.


A chicken close by was running around.


The farm near the eagles have several peacocks running around.


While I was there, one of the males was strutting around.


Even from the back they are pretty cool.

A quick stop by the eagle’s nest back in early February proved the babies were growing up.  Recently I’ve noticed more eagles flying around the Tampa bay area. Twice in the last month I’ve seen them flying low over my car while on a busy interstate. Do other people notice them? Probably not, they’re busy texting while driving instead of noticing the birds.