Sunny morning at the pier – Skywatch Friday


Always a sad sight to see. The cormorant took off flying towards Egmont Key island. Hopefully, that will come loose off his beak as some point.


“Wait, let me fix my hair before you take the picture.”


Another sad sight, a pelican with fishing stuff attached to his wing. He was diving pretty far off the pier. He seemed to be catching fish with no problem.


Big gulp!


When he took off, I realized the fishing line was hooked between his beak and leg. The problem with this is if he lands on a mangrove bush, it could get tangled up and he would not be able to fly off.


A great egret lands on the roof of the rain shelter and spooks the snowy egrets.


They were waiting for the guy below to leave his bait bucket unattended.


Which he eventually did for a few minutes. His back turned while fishing, the birds were seeing who was brave enough to grab the first fish out of the bucket. I told the guy he needed to cover his fish.


Something going on far out in the water.

Another beautiful walk on the pier at Fort Desoto.

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13 thoughts on “Sunny morning at the pier – Skywatch Friday

  1. Wow, I would love to walk on your pier and see all that beauty. Sometimes it is hard for me to live in the desert and I get water envy.
    Your sad pictures are sad but eye-opening for me.

  2. Lovely bird captures. The first one is a sad shot and so is that of the pelican. I hope they are free of those soon.

  3. It’s good that you post your sad photos, maybe it will help some fishermen be more conscientous about what happens to their fishing line and hooks. I saw a duck once with fishing line wrapped around its leg and cutting off the circulation to its foot. Your shots are wonderful!

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