Black bellied plovers having a spat


A cute black bellied plover in his breeding colors.


Then I see another one across the beach.


One of them started yelling at the other one.


Are they arguing about something? They have plenty of space.


A scuttle starts. Turf wars?

Or maybe he’s trying to make up?


They kept at it for a few minutes and then one of them flew off.


The winner?


I found the other one down by the water.

I counted 5 black bellied plovers at the north beach marsh at Fort Desoto in mid-August. I had not seen any in a while so I’m not sure if they are passing through and heading south for the winter. One couple was having a spat. They were chasing each other for a few minutes and then one flew off. I don’t know if they made up later. I hope so.

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  1. The capture of behavior like this is important documentation. Well done. Yes, Dina, it’s been a humid summer this year. Possibly benefiting the rebuilding of ice at the poles and the colder temps up north.

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