Babies after work.


I stopped by the lake close by work for a quick walk before the rain came down. Half way around the lake I saw this black necked stilt.


He stopped for a rest.


A few feet over in the mud, there was another stilt with 3 babies.


They must have only been a few days old.


I sat on the grass behind a tree and watched them for a few minutes. The parent started to doze off and the kids were running around exploring.


The lake was pretty dry and the babies were far out. These are all extremely cropped with my 300mm lens.


Look at those muddy feet!


The other parent flew in for a few minutes then took off again.


Then he was back again after flying half way around the lake.


Why does this parent have 6 legs?  Two of the babies were hiding underneath.


One of the babies ventured back out and started walking around again.


Then the other baby came out but stayed close to the parent.

I sat behind the tree for about half an hour and then the sun was going down behind the buildings. The joggers and dog walkers probably thought I was crazy. They didn’t realize I could see these tiny babies across the lake. I hope all 3 of them make it. There are alligators in this lake and hawks flying overhead. My plan is to check back in a few weeks.

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  1. Those are some cute fuzz balls! I’m always amazed the Stilts have any eggs hatch since they lay them in such exposed areas. Beautiful photographs of the family, Dina!

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