More than just gators at Gatorland.


“Gimmi a kiss.”


“To the left a little.”


“That hits the spot.”


Gatorland bunny has the run of the place. But he better watch out and not go into any of the alligator exhibits.


Pretty in pink.




Sexy emu


Bees were buzzing.


The swamp walk was full of ferns.


New growth.


Getting crispy.

There are lots of other things at Gatorland besides alligators and wild baby birds. They have parrots out in the open hanging out together and playing. Rabbits and wild ducks can go where ever they want. The swamp walk is a boardwalk that goes through a swamp filled with ferns. Red bellied woodpeckers were flying high up in the trees. I get there early to take pictures of the baby birds in the mangroves along the alligator lake but before I leave I take a walk around the rest of the park to see what else I can find.

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14 Responses to More than just gators at Gatorland.

  1. Christian says:

    A great collection of photos, I like the aras, they are special birds.

  2. artmusedog says:

    Colorful, creative nature shots ~ Bunny is my favorite ~ thanks, xoxo

  3. I love your selection of subjects, it is so broad ranging; exceptionally well done…It took me a bit to figure out the EMU.

  4. fun60 says:

    Quite a collection of interesting animals to watch.

  5. Arija says:

    Lovely shots of the Macaw story. That bunny looks remarkably like a hare. Gators are not my cup of tea but flamingos I can take any day.

  6. Frank (UK) says:

    A great selection from Gatorland.

  7. janicead says:

    Wonderful shots!!! Love the variety. Always like seeing fern swirls.

  8. Margaret says:

    Hi Dina What a wonderful variety of critters adn plants you have posted today. Your photography is second to none.

  9. A pleasant reminder of Gaterland. I haven’t been there in well over 20 years and quite frankly had forgotten how much there was to it. Your pictures are lovely as are all of your critters … I wish I could get my mate to scritch my neck like that 🙂

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  10. Carole M/Australia says:

    those macaw colours are so brilliant and totally amazing, though I’ve always enjoyed seeing the pinks of the flamingos too (too far from home though)

    • Carole M/Australia says:

      My link up seems to just go to Gravatar account — my birding blog is here

  11. Always a treat to come and look at your photos! They’re excellent!

  12. Marie says:

    Wonderful shots! Beautiful. The parrots were so vibrant and lively! And I love the fiddlehead fern shot. Wow!

  13. This place is SO on my list for next year; thanks so much for sharing it.
    stunning pix as alwlays.

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