Little to big

DSC_9152The tiniest bird I saw that day. A blue-gray gnatcatcher looking up.


Not too much bigger is the eastern phoebe. You can usually find them hanging out at the intersection of Marsh Rabbit Run and Heron Hideout.

DSC_9137A little bit bigger, there’s been a kingfisher hanging out in the same corner as the phoebe.


This early fall, there’s been a purple gallinule family hanging out in the same corner as well.


Getting bigger, I found these juvenile limpkins hiding in the marsh. They still have some baby fuzz on them.


A parent was close by watching me.


The American bitterns are back. This one was hiding in the marsh on Wading Bird Way. Another photog with a keen eye found him.


Taken right into the sun, the anhinga was flipping his fish.


“I’m the biggest one here.” says the turkey vulture showing off.


“Bye, bye” says the ducks as they take off after an eagle flew over them.

Lots of the same ole thing at Circle B Bar Reserve in mid-November.

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19 thoughts on “Little to big

  1. Beautiful birds and a great series of photos. I especially like the anhinga in action! The anhinga I photographed this week was just sitting still.

  2. Sweet sweet images!!!! I love all your birds on these shots….some of them would be lifers for me!!! And to get a shot of the Kingfisher and Gnatcatcher in that light is most excellent!

  3. Wonderful bird shots! I don’t have a near habitat to see them so appreciate yours. The Kingfisher is so cute, and the baby Limpkins. Such a difficult shot to get the Anhinga flipping the fish!

  4. Very nice series of photos! It’s easy to take the abundance of birds at the Circle B for granted, until you visit somewhere else! Superb images, Dina.

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