Baby blue is growing up – Skywatch Friday


I walked down the trail and see this up ahead. Mom and baby blue staring off into space. At this point, the baby looks just like the parents.


He’s still got those baby fuzz feathers on his head.


His beak is as big as the parent’s. He’s begging to be fed.


Staring down from high up above.


The baby really wants to be fed. He kept grabbing Mom’s beak. Mom’s thinking “Your dad better hurry home with that fish.”


Doing a little house cleaning. Baby was copying whatever Mom was doing.

I think the baby was 8-9 weeks old at this point. Several weeks after I took these I saw a video of him flapping his wings pretty hard. By now he’s probably flying off. I’m not sure how long they hang around the nest continuing to be fed. It was great seeing this big baby grow up after no baby last year. Right across the trail from this nest is a barred owl nest so I’ll be heading back to this same spot a whole lot more.

14 thoughts on “Baby blue is growing up – Skywatch Friday

  1. What an awesome find and excellent captures! The baby looks like a scruffy version of the parent. So cute the way they learn by imitating. They seem pretty demanding, but mom takes it all in stride. Wish I had had that kind of patience as a mother. :/

  2. My Oh My! These are unbelievable, and that one with the little guy looking right at us cracks me up!

  3. I love these photos, Dina, and the one of him staring down just makes me grin!
    We’ve been away for a month, and I’ve missed your photos. They’re always fascinating.

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