My first great blue heron nest


In the early morning light, I stopped by the great blue heron nest at Circle B Bar Reserve. The parent was standing up but no sign of babies. They must have still been sleeping.


I stopped by the nest again later on my way out of the reserve and the parent was flapping his wings over something.


Then I saw a little head pop up looking over the nest.


The parent was busy preening while baby looked around.


The baby looked just like the parent. Only smaller.


I think it was ready to be feed. It started begging.

This is my first great blue heron baby. The couple sat on the nest last year and did not have babies so I was pretty excited this year that they had success. There were two babies seen at the nest early on but now there is only one left. Not sure what happened to the other one. Did it fall out of the nest? Was it stolen from another bird? The nest area is plagued with hawks, crows, eagles and vultures. Mom chased off an osprey trying to eat his fish a few branches above the nest. My fingers are crossed this one makes it to adulthood. The nest is out in the marsh and high up so these shots are extremely cropped.

10 thoughts on “My first great blue heron nest

  1. I have never, ever seen a GBH baby. Lucky you! I’ve been seeing Great Whites high up in the trees with the breeding plumage and colors, but no nest and no babies. I’d love to see and photograph that!

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