A view from the trail – Skywatch Friday

Looking over one of the marshes.

One of the small ponds.

One of the trails.

Sun coming up over the trails.

A few coots in the lake.
I finally bought a wide-angle lens. Of course, it was after the fall yellow flower season at Circle B Bar Reserve, when the entire reserve is covered in yellow flowers. But, hey, there’s always next year. Right before New Year’s weekend, I headed out with my new lens and finally, after 3 years of going to the reserve, I got some wide-angle shots. It’s such a big place. This is only a small portion. There’s at least 5 miles of main trails and that doesn’t include some of the back bike and horseback riding trails. All of the trails have cute names so you can tell someone where to find an important bird. The bittern was at the corner of Marsh Rabbit Run and Heron Hideout. The baby limpkins were in the middle of Wading Bird Way. The bobcat was at the end of Alligator Alley. You can always find eastern meadowlarks on Eagle’s Roost Trail. Such a fun place! But don’t tell anybody! I don’t want my favorite place to get crowded.
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