Black bellied whistling ducks

When you first walk down the trail, you hear that high pitched whistling noise from above.

Ducks climbing a tree? If you had pink feet, you would too.

"No, you can't get on my branch."

"Okay, you can stay for a little while."

"Maybe those silly photographers can't find us in the reeds."

"Make room for us!"

What is it about black bellied whistling ducks that make us love them? Is it the pink beak? Is it the pink feet? Is it those beautiful brown, black and white wings? Is it the whistling noise they make? Is is the comical way they look and act? They have to be the cutest ducks out there. On a recent trip to Circle B Bar Reserve, in Lakeland, the marsh was full of them. Huge flocks would take off and circle around the marsh and land again. I could barely see them in the reeds but luckily as I headed down the trail, a handful of them flew up into the dead trees. They hung out there for a while showing off their best features. They were everywhere in the park. I haven’t seen them anywhere in the Tampa bay area so it’s a treat to see them here. Hopefully, the huge flocks will stay throughout the winter.

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16 thoughts on “Black bellied whistling ducks

  1. I think ducks in a tree look so funny! But your captures are all so crisp, and really give us an idea of how these ducks act at this time of year. Thank you!

  2. I love ducks, all ducks, but these are something special. Their webbed feet are like those of the red-footed booby, with little claws on the ends for perching in trees. And those pink beaks are fabulous. Really enjoyed these photos!

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