Spoonbill and an owl at Kapok Park

Slinging water


Keeping an eye on that duck.

Great horned owl sitting on an egg.
There are tons of birds at Kapok Park. I can hear them. Finding them and getting their pictures are a whole different thing. Late on a Sunday afternoon I decided to head out for a walk but I think I wasn’t really in the mood. The easiest thing to find was a lone spoonbill staying very busy feeding in the water right below the boardwalk . She didn’t stop for a second. Just kept swinging her beak back and forth in the water.  I watched her for a while, taking tons of pictures. Before I left I stopped by the owl’s nest. She was sitting there like she has been for several weeks now. Since this trip I have heard the owl baby has been born so I’m on a mission to get some owl baby pictures. Check back later for those.
P.S. I think the reason I was in a funky mood that afternoon was because my little Spikey, a 6 year old cockatiel, had spent a day in the vet hospital. She was egg bound. When I got home from work Thursday night, she was not her usual self so I ran her to the overnight animal hospital. They kept her overnight and early the next morning I moved her to a bird specialist in north Tampa. She stayed there all day Friday and laid a very large egg. Almost the size of a ping pong ball. Her eggs before were the size of a jelly bean. When I went to pick her up Friday night, she laid another one while I was there. She’s been getting lots of medicine and is doing fine now but there will always be that risk again. They gave her hormone shots to stop the egg laying but that is only temporary.
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12 thoughts on “Spoonbill and an owl at Kapok Park

  1. aww. hope your little cockatiel will be okay! poor girl!

    your spoonbill pics are lovely. can’t wait to see more of the owl. 🙂

  2. So sorry about your cockatiel. Of course, if the eggs aren’t fertilized, the whole thing is a painful and unnecessary process for the poor dear. I hope she’s well.
    I love the first photo of the spoonbill “slinging” water, and the camouflaged owl. Looking forward to photos of owlets.

  3. i would love to get pics of the owl too where is she in the park?of course I will approach very cautiously and quietly so as not to disturb her. I also heard she has some babies now.

    • the spoonbill is also a great picture as you dont see them here in marion county. Hope you’re little cockatiel is ok.

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