Wood duck explosion at Lake Morton


A female wood duck with a snack.


A male wood duck watching over the lake.


A happy couple floating around.




This couple was hanging out under a tree near the edge of the lake. She wanted to nap and he was getting frisky.

There’s been an explosion of wood ducks at the lakes in downtown Lakeland. Lake Mirror had 3 families with babies and Lake Morton had at least 20 adult wood ducks hanging around. One of the cypress trees had 6 males sleeping up in the trees. Two or three years ago you would be lucky to find more than 3 or 4 at the lakes. I’m not sure why they started hanging out in the busy area, maybe for the handouts.

Another chapter of “So many babies, so little time”

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Baby wood ducks are the cutest duck babies. They have a pretty pale face compared to the mallards which have a lot of pattern on their faces. There were several wood duck families at my favorite lake in Lakeland recently. One of the families with older babies were all napping under a tree. Later, the younger babies were running around chasing after each other and trying to keep up with mom.

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More from Lake Morton


A young stork that looks like an old soul.



Besides the swans, both geese and ducks were nesting all around the lake.


Things were still getting frisky so more babies to come.



A wood duck couple were sleeping on the cypress tree roots on the edge of the lake.


This one looks like a hybrid mallard. Very pretty colors.


An ibis was stealing the swan food.


Looks like this stork was working on a nest.



The turtles were out sunning themselves.


A kapok tree flower.


Sandhill cranes flying high overhead.

There are lots more stuff at Lake Morton than just swans. Lots of ducks, geese, ibis, turtles and birds hanging around.

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Cutest of all duck babies.










Sometimes when you go out expecting nothing, you get a big something. I was at the botanical gardens in Largo thinking I would not see much but moorhens and doves. I was focusing on taking pictures of flowers. As I was walking towards the rose garden, I saw this line of baby ducks out of the corner of my eye. Thinking they were baby mallards, I almost didn’t stop. But, since all baby ducks are cute, I decided to stop for a minute and take a break. I’m glad I did. They were wood duck babies. They mostly look like mallard babies but way cuter. The parents were keeping them close. Those baby moorhens were looking at the little parade go by like “What are those little ducks?”  I snapped a handful of pictures as they cruised by and headed on to the rose garden.

Spring walk at Circle B Bar Reserve


Yes, another purple gallinule picture. I’ve seen more this past couple of months than in the entire 5 years I’ve been looking for birds. Although, on my most recent trip to Circle B Bar Reserve, I didn’t see any so they may be gone for the summer.


Female wood duck on a tree. This was the first time I’ve seen wood ducks at this park.


The male was watching us pretty closely.


She was pretty. They were hopping from tree to tree. Maybe this is how they flirt.


The green heron looked all dressed up with those orange legs.


The wilson’s snipe was still hanging around. Pam found him. We were looking closely in the marsh at something else. I think it was an alligator and she says “What is that?”


Palm warbler with pollen all over his beak.


Savannah sparrows can usually be found at the intersection of Marsh Rabbit Run trail and Heron Hideout trail.


This looked too yummy to pass up. I asked him if he needed any tartar sauce.


Another one with lunch landed on a branch close by.

Most of the winter birds and ducks had already left for up north. Spring migration of the songbirds hadn’t really started yet so it was a slow morning at Circle B Bar Reserve. Just the usuals there with the exception of the wood duck couple. They became celebrity visitors there real fast.

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