A wood duck convention

I stopped by Lake Morton in Lakeland on the way home from Circle B Bar Reserve in mid-May. I usually see one or two wood duck couples there but on this trip they were all around the lake. Sleeping in the grass, hanging out on the swan fences, chasing each other. They must have been gathering for a baby making convention. I have not made it back over to the lake since then so I’m not sure it there were a lot of babies but I would hope so..

All of the usual suspects were there.

Feeding the fowl is encouraged at the lake although bread is extremely discouraged.  They have feeders that are filled with pellets that you can buy a handful for a quarter. This lady was feeding them cracked corn.

Clouds were rolling in and it was time to go home for lunch.

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  1. OK — here’s a repeat of the first comment. WP is asking for my password in order to make a comment and I had it wrong the first time. I love your wonderful pictures as always. And Lake Morton and Circle B were two of our favorite Florida trips. visits I hope to repeat another season. But maybe not this year — travel to Florida isn’t looking feasible at this point. Hope things will improve.

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