Don’t let the sun go down on me – Skywatch Friday






Except when I’m at Fort De Soto. Best place to see the sunset. It was a beautiful Sunday night in early November. On the way down, I stopped at Aunt Lena’s place. She is hubby’s 86-year-old aunt.  We keep an eye on her and I brought a late lunch for us to eat together since hubby had to work that afternoon. I headed over to the park around 4pm and it was a perfect late afternoon. Not too hot and beautiful skies. Right before sunset I headed over to the fishing pier and people were already lining up on the grass next to the pier with their chairs and picnic baskets. It was a perfect night.

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Baby owls and some ibis on a sunny morning – Skywatch Friday


One baby was facing me and the other one (on the right) was turned around.


The older baby (on the left) was stretching her wings.


This nest is so tiny. They were up against each other the whole morning. Mom was close by on an upper branch.


Out on the beach, ibis were digging for breakfast.


Double dipping. An ibis and a great egret were feeding together.


I found the above birds at the north beach marsh. The tide was really low this morning.


It was another perfect morning in late February.


The beach was quiet. The water was calm.


Lots of shells on the beach.

By now the baby owls at Fort Desoto are flying around from branch to branch. I heard that the park ranger has taken down the orange fencing that went around the area where the nest was which means they have fledged. They grow up so fast. I think they’ll still stay in the area for a couple of months so I’ll look for them next time I’m at the park. There weren’t many other birds at the park. It was cool and windy so the north beach was lacking in shorebirds. I could only find a few ibis and great egrets that morning. Spring break has begun and the beach will become a different place, full of loud kids chasing birds. Can’t wait.

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Beautiful morning at Fort Desoto – Skywatch Friday

Oystercatchers are regulars on north beach.

Snowy egret strutting in front of laughing gulls.

Shorebird blast off.

Cormorant synchronized swimming.

It’s always funny to see a bird doing something that seems so human, such as scratching an itch.

Into the sun.  It was going to be a beautiful morning.

You can usually see several photographers at Fort Desoto almost every day of the week. There’s usually a lot of them on the weekend. I met a group of friends this morning in early October. How I managed to get this shot at the end of north beach without a soul in sight is beyond me. I guess because there wasn’t many birds up at this end that morning. The tide was at it lowest point when we were there so you can walk pretty far out to the end.

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Beautiful skies after Debby – Skywatch Friday

The Tuesday after thunderstorm Debby moved through, I stopped by the Safety Harbor fishing pier on the way home from work. That afternoon was the first sun appearance in several days. The parking lot was closed off so I parked a couple of blocks north and walked down. The lot had been flooded and was still covered in seaweed, sand and grass.  The above was a sight you could see everywhere near water. The seaweed had come up when the tide was high and was left behind. The city has been busy cleaning up the roads and parking lots, getting ready for the Republican National Convention this month.

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