“Here comes the sun”

It wasn’t dark but the sun had not come up when I arrived at the beach at Fort Desoto in late March. The time had just recently changed and it was still dark after 7am so it wasn’t that early. Still, I was all alone on the beach with the exception of a great blue heron.

After a few minutes the sun was slowly starting come up over the bridge and the birds started to fly around.

Then minutes later it rose quickly and the pelicans were diving in the water for fish.

I turned around to head out to the other side of the park to look for birds and noticed the flag at half staff over the palm trees.

Good thing I had my shoes on. The beach had a lot of these spiky sea urchins as the tide was coming back in.

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6 thoughts on ““Here comes the sun”

  1. Kudos to you for getting up and out so early to get these gorgeous photos. I love the soft colors of the sky and the texture of the water. The great blue heron is so graceful. I think it is remarkable that those herons are so big and widespread. We have lots of them in Oklahoma standing sentinel fishing in our ponds, lakes, and slack water in the rivers.

  2. Beautiful sunrise shots. The birds add to the beauty. I don’t recall ever seeing a sea urchin like that. All our Pacific Coast urchins are round or oval and live on rocky seashores.

  3. Greetings and salutations! Glad you had your shoes on too. Sea urchins can really ruin the day if you step on one. Sunrise alone is a nice way to start a day. Photography and being at awe with what you see is a meditation to me. Stay safe.

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