Fun at the Lowry Park Zoo.

I was looking in the spoonbill exhibit and noticed a wild spoonbill on top of the exhibit looking in. I think he wanted to join the party inside for some treats.

Some wild birds at the zoo: a Carolina wren, 2 black vultures preening each other, a house sparrow working on a nest in the gift shop sign and a baby duck in one of the ponds.

Elephants playing in the first picture with the 3 legged impala watching.

Grumpy old bird (that was just born this spring).  Marabou stork.

Making faces with Mom.

Showing off on a tree branch.

I was tempted to join these ladies who looked like they were having too much fun but I didn’t have the right color shirt or hat on.

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Random fun at the Lowry Park Zoo

Residents at the zoo, these macaws get to fly around from the entrance to the stage area for the bird show. I caught them flying around one morning and they stopped for a break.

Residents of the zoo. The stork (middle picture) was born this spring at the zoo.

A few wild things visiting the zoo. A northern parula and mallard.

Pretty green and pink.

Fun animals.

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More from Lake Morton


A young stork that looks like an old soul.



Besides the swans, both geese and ducks were nesting all around the lake.


Things were still getting frisky so more babies to come.



A wood duck couple were sleeping on the cypress tree roots on the edge of the lake.


This one looks like a hybrid mallard. Very pretty colors.


An ibis was stealing the swan food.


Looks like this stork was working on a nest.



The turtles were out sunning themselves.


A kapok tree flower.


Sandhill cranes flying high overhead.

There are lots more stuff at Lake Morton than just swans. Lots of ducks, geese, ibis, turtles and birds hanging around.

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Pretty faces at the lake.


Some of the geese have all orange beaks and some have the spots on them. Is that a sunburn? Or maybe an age spot?


The black swans were nesting.


The only white pelican at the lake that morning. He looks comfy.


Pretty goose face.


The old man face.


Green and yellow face.


Another pretty goose face. His feathers are darker than the others and I don’t think his eyes are blue.

Pretty faces at Lake Morton in early March. I stopped to see if there were any duck or goose babies. Still a little early.

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Little birds at Chesnut Park


White eyed vireo hiding deep in the bushes.


I was told by another birder at the park that this is a female common yellowthroat.


Same bird as above. She was hiding in the reeds. Or, could it be a 1st year male?


This is the first black and white warbler I’ve seen this fall.


Yellow rumped warblers are everywhere now.


Titmouse singing up a storm.


They came down from high up in the trees to see if I had bird seed to give them. After a few minutes they went back up.


All of the coots are back for the winter.


You never know what you’ll find looking down at you when you look high up in the trees.

This was one of the first cool weekends we had this fall. In mid-December we finally had a high of 70 degrees. It started out breezy in the morning but when the sun came up high it warmed up fast. Chesnut Park had a few little birds flying around. Nothing unusual though. It’s always fun to see the little titmice come down looking for a handout. They are so cute.

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