Baby birds at Gatorland

More like sibling rivalry than brotherly love. Baby great egrets.

Who’s going to win this battle?

“Mom, where’s my fish?”

“All together now, MOM, where’s our fish?”

This tiny one’s beak was bigger than the rest of his body.

I took this from across the lake. I rarely see baby wood storks.

I also took this anhinga nest from across the lake. The middle baby had his head in mom’s beak getting a bite.

A handful of shots from my trip to Gatorland in mid-April.  The great egrets, which are usually born first, are getting big. The ones that I took in mid-March look like full-grown adults now. The baby tricolored herons were just being born when I was there. More on those later.

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21 thoughts on “Baby birds at Gatorland

  1. What a hoot! Baby birds (of any size) are such fun the watch — and always demanding! How do their parents *do it*?!!!!!! Great shots!

  2. What a great shot down the baby’s throat with all the detail of the tongue!!! You must have had a joyous time getting all these great baby pictures. Thank you for sharing them.

  3. Your season is way ahead of ours. The Egrets are still in breeding mode here. Even so, we will probably never see their babies. They nest up high in the trees in a colony of other egrets, herons and cormorants. The pictures are wonderful. A nice way of being able to see the babies. Thank you …

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. You really captured the intensity in the Great Egret babies determination to survive. The pictures were stunning, and reminded me of the Blue Herons here at Stanley Park. This year’s chicks are just a few days old. I can hear them, but their nests are too high up to see them yet. Is Gatorland like a zoo or wildlife reserve? Are the egrets in captivity?

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