Fun at the Lowry Park Zoo.

I was looking in the spoonbill exhibit and noticed a wild spoonbill on top of the exhibit looking in. I think he wanted to join the party inside for some treats.

Some wild birds at the zoo: a Carolina wren, 2 black vultures preening each other, a house sparrow working on a nest in the gift shop sign and a baby duck in one of the ponds.

Elephants playing in the first picture with the 3 legged impala watching.

Grumpy old bird (that was just born this spring).  Marabou stork.

Making faces with Mom.

Showing off on a tree branch.

I was tempted to join these ladies who looked like they were having too much fun but I didn’t have the right color shirt or hat on.

Our World Tuesday Graphicimage-in-ing

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5 Responses to Fun at the Lowry Park Zoo.

  1. roth0003 says:

    Great photos from the zoo! Thanks so much for sharing with us at

  2. Sasa S. says:

    What a great day. Pictures are so beautiful. Wonderful!

  3. Great shots, Dina! Love the pouting monkey. That’s funny about the spoonbill wanting in.

  4. That’s so funny that the wild spoonbill wanted in!

  5. Rohrerbot says:

    You’ve got killer shots! My favs are the Wood Stork and Anole. Sweetness!

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