A new bird for Christmas


Not the new bird I was looking for. This phoebe was trying to confuse me.


This mockingbird is not the new bird either although it looks like him from far away.


“OH wait, come back. I think you’re the new bird”.


Yea! He did come back with a snack. My first scissor-tailed flycatcher.


And I found him on my first try.


Right on utility wire at the curve in the road at Fort Desoto park. Right where people had been reporting him for a while now. He’s really pretty.


While I was waiting for him to come back, I entertained myself by taking pictures of butterflies on the side of the road.

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A very quiet morning out

DSC_0938 DSC_0939

Two pictures of the same bird in different lighting.


A downy woodpecker being cute.


A young northern thrasher with a tiny bug in his beak.


A blue jay with something in his beak.


Climbing the fern ladder.


Hiding behind a big frog.

Not much out in early August. I hit the butterfly garden at MOSI and then the USF Botanical Gardens. Other than a few butterflies out, the above was all I could find.

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Birds and bees at the Botanical Gardens


One of the few birds I saw this morning. A mockingbird staring down at me.


Dragonfly trying to hide behind his wings.


I saw this bunny hiding in the water fountain. Can bunnies swim? He may have come through the pipe where the overflow water comes out.


The only other bird I saw, a hairy woodpecker.


Bees were buzzing around the flowers in the frog pond.


I was hoping to get lucky and not get rained on. The news was saying 70% chance but it usually holds out until after lunch. I drove into the parking lot of the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo around 8:30 and it started pouring. I checked the radar on my phone and it looked like it would move through quickly. I sat in the car for half an hour until it was just a light sprinkle. I got out and started walking around and 20 minutes later the sun came out and it felt like a sauna. I still got my walk in but it was very quiet at the gardens.

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Buds, Bees and Birds in Lakeland


“Hey lady, have you got a pass to be out here?” says the female anhinga.


Looking right into the sun, I saw these two wood storks on the top of a tree. At first I thought they were building a nest but I think they were just fighting for space.


A squirrel eating a leaf?


Fuzzy flowers on the lake.


A limpkin eating a snail.


A mockingbird landed right in front of my car.


A very tiny dragonfly.


Some type of bee on white flowers.


A green fly on pink.


Hanging from the palm trees in the parking lot.They look like orange grapes but I wasn’t going to try one.

Just some random things around downtown Lakeland on my walk around Lake Morton and Lake Mirror. I stopped by Hollis Gardens to see what was blooming but by that time it was too hot. Most of the spring blooms were gone. Replaced by summer bedding plants.

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Backyard visitors in June.


 A juvenile mockingbird on the fence. Taken through the bedroom window.


This was on my neighbor’s fence.  I’m not sure what this is. It looks different from the mockingbird. The eye color was different. It looks bigger than a house sparrow.  Any ideas?


A green heron on the dock. This was taken through the window.


A night heron walking around the backyard. Taken through the window.


I saw the duck family swimming down the channel and grabbed my camera and headed out the back door.


  They came pretty close to the dock checking to see if I had any handouts.


View from standing on the dock.


They stayed pretty close together. They cruised around our end of the channel for a while and then headed out. This was the first baby duck family I have seen in our channel this spring. We usually see several swimming around by June.

Just a few of the visitors in our backyard in early June. We haven’t gotten many this spring. A big family of house sparrows and blue jays are the only birds visiting the feeder right now.

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No babies owls at my local park


Almost two months later and Mom owl is still sitting on the nest.  A week after I took this I stopped by again and she had abandoned the nest. No owl babies at this park this year. Last year there were twins. We don’t know what happened. Did she not actually lay any eggs? Were the eggs bad? I’ll check back again next spring.


The other owl was sitting a few branches away. What was he thinking?  1)”I’m so glad I don’t have to spend all night hunting for screaming baby brats”. 2)”Now I can go back up north early this year.” 3)”Sorry photogs, no baby owl pictures this year. You can all go home now.” 4)”Maybe I’m too old to be raising kids.”


I haven’t seen a lot of kingfishers this winter. The one that usually hangs out behind my house has only stopped by once for a few seconds. This one was flying in between the short bald cypress trees.


Mockingbird posing nicely.


A limpkin was walking through the reeds. This lake is full of limpkins.


He was dragging a clam shell over to the side to eat.


Osprey were flying overhead looking for a fish to snatch.


On my way home, I stopped by the baseball park near my neighborhood. As I drive by I kept hearing parakeets so I decided to drive through the park. Several of the lights had nests in them. Two of the nests had parakeet couples looking back at me. I guess that’s why these birds just keep multiplying here.


Butterfly under the parakeet nest.


Practicing my “bee on flower” shots.

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