Hiking Deer Valley

The sun was just about to come over the mountain early in the morning. It was very quiet and was weird to see those ski lifts just sitting there.

Hiking the trail behind our hotel in Deer Valley.

I ran into a few birds along the trail.  A junco, a few robins and a mountain chickadee. The best was the little chipmunk who was very skittish.

The view from the top of the hill behind our hotel. I zigzagged along the trail on the side of the mountain and ended up at the top of the ski slope.

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A trail, a river and some red bugs

Across the street from Lisa Falls is one of the entrances to the Little Cottonwood Canyon Trail. We only did a short hike since it was getting close to lunch and we were already hungry.

We came across a river with a little bit of water flowing so we followed it for a while.

A short video of the water coming down the rocks.

We saw these red bugs all along the trail but I couldn’t find any info on them. Does anyone know what they are? They were everywhere.

More from our hike in Little Cottonwood Canyon in October.

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A rainbow of leaves

I found all of the colors of the rainbow while hiking the area behind our hotel in Park City. The trails that zigzag across from one ski slope to another were full of leaves changing colors. Yellow, red and orange were the usual colors to see in fall but many of the bushes were changing to pink. It was amazing to see so many different colors in one place.

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Driving through Cottonwood Canyon

All above were taken during our drive through Cottonwood Canyon. We had been out hiking that morning and were heading back to Park City to have a late lunch. Brett was driving and I was hanging out the window taking pictures along the way. We passed very few people on the road. I would rather be out here during the fall with the leaves bursting with color than in the winter where everything is one color, white.

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The road to Donut Falls

Brett and I spent a week in Utah earlier this month for vacation. We spent several days in Park City hiking around the mountains and several days in Salt Lake City seeing the sights and visiting a few parks. It was our first visit to the state. Our plan was to go after the summer crowds were gone but before snow season started. Brett has been to Park City several times skiing but had not been when there was no snow on the ground. Since it was Park City’s slowest month, it felt like we had the whole town to ourselves and the best part was it was peak fall leaf season. Everywhere you looked you saw a blanket of yellow, orange, red and even pink. Our first morning we got out early and drove through Cottonwood Canyon to hike at Donut Falls. I kept making Brett stop to take pictures along the way and most of the ones below were taken through the windshield while we were moving.

Leaving Park City, you could see the outline of the ski slopes.

More to come on this amazing trip.

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Beauties and some beasts.

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I can pretend it’s fall here. Even though it was 85 degrees the recent Saturday morning I was at Circle B Bar Reserve. The winter birds and ducks haven’t arrived yet and all of the babies are grown up so you have to get creative if you want to take some pictures there right now.  The trails were full of the big golden silk orb weavers. Their webs stretched across the tops of trees. I’m just glad I’m not the tallest person walking down the trail in the morning. Their bite is known to be harmless, like a mosquito bite and they don’t jump on people but I still wouldn’t want to walk into one.

Fall at Kapok Park


I get to the small park and see this. Fall colors everywhere.


The bald cyress trees had started to turn colors. It’s the only fall leaves I’ve seen in this area so far this season.


The park looked pretty with all of the colors around the lake and small marsh ponds.


I didn’t see many birds there but ran into the above walking around the edge of the lake in pine straw.


One of the few birds I saw besides limpkins at the park. The above little blue heron was looking for a snack.


It looks like he’s got a green worm of some sort.

The sun started peeking out about halfway through my walk. I was out running much-needed errands and decided to stop and do a quick walk around Kapok Park. I hadn’t been in months. The fall colors were a treat. I looked around for the owls who usually spend the winter there but could not find them. It’s a needle in a haystack with all of the big oak and pine trees there. Another lady was also looking. She had seen one there a few days earlier so we know they’re around. Without finding them, I had to leave and finish my errands.