That big golf ball in the sky

Years ago Brett and I had a free Thanksgiving day so we headed over to Walt Disney World to spend the day at Epcot. It wasn’t too busy in the morning and we were able to ride most everything we had planned to but it got crazy busy later in the afternoon. We took a break and climbed on the monorail and headed over to walk around at some of the Disney hotels just to get away from the crowds. All of the hotels that were on the monorail line were already decorated for Christmas so it was fun to walk around. Then we headed back over to Epcot to have dinner at the nice Italian restaurant.

It’s always fun to see that big iconic space ball light up at  night.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I’ll be spending the day with family

SkyWatch Friday.

Traveling light at Epcot – Skywatch Friday














My sister was visiting from South Dakota for Christmas and we were talking about going to Disney World when we were growing up. She had not been in over 15 years so we decided to go over the Tuesday before Christmas (It’s only an hour away). I take it for granted living so close. I only go over once or twice a year and it’s usually on a random weekday when school is in so I was thinking since it was a Tuesday it might not be too crowded. Wrong! It was wall to wall people. We got there a half hour after the park opened and all of the best rides had been booked for the day. We did ride a few attractions and wandered around the countries. We had lunch in France. It kept getting more crowded so we headed out after 3pm. I didn’t want to lug around my regular camera stuff so I just took my Iphone and all of the above were taken with that.

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Birds at Animal Kingdom


This bird was eating something yucky. (Inside the aviary at the safari exhibit)


It looks like he was working on a nest. (Inside the aviary at the safari exhibit)


Wild grackles were everywhere in the park. This one was watching us eat our lunch. Even though there were signs everywhere not to feed the birds and ducks, people were still feeding them so the eating areas had a lot of wildlife hanging around looking for a handout.


Great colors in his feathers (Inside the aviary at the safari exhibit).


The resident flamingos there were trying to sleep.


What a cute couple. The one standing was picking bugs off the other one’s face. Or at least that’s what it looked like it was doing. I think these are residents at the park but they weren’t in any type of enclosure. I couldn’t find a sign for them but they look like some type of stork. They are pretty with their orange beaks and pink tail feathers.

We saw so many different types of birds on our trip to Animal Kingdom in Disney World in early march. I took tons of pictures and these were my favorites. The best thing was most of the birds were open to the public. Birds were just out wandering around. You could walk through the big aviary at the safari ride exhibit and the birds were flying all around. This was another one of those target rich environments but I was challenged on the light. It was dark and cloudy most of the day we went. But hey, it was still a day off from work spent at a Disney park so I can’t complain.