That big golf ball in the sky

Years ago Brett and I had a free Thanksgiving day so we headed over to Walt Disney World to spend the day at Epcot. It wasn’t too busy in the morning and we were able to ride most everything we had planned to but it got crazy busy later in the afternoon. We took a break and climbed on the monorail and headed over to walk around at some of the Disney hotels just to get away from the crowds. All of the hotels that were on the monorail line were already decorated for Christmas so it was fun to walk around. Then we headed back over to Epcot to have dinner at the nice Italian restaurant.

It’s always fun to see that big iconic space ball light up at  night.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I’ll be spending the day with family

SkyWatch Friday.

5 thoughts on “That big golf ball in the sky

  1. I first started looking at your photos and I was like “Where is everybody?” and you explained it. I would like to go to Disney World but not when a lot of people are there so now I know that maybe if I went early on Thanksgiving I would get my wish.
    I love your big Golf Ball.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!!

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