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My sister was visiting from South Dakota for Christmas and we were talking about going to Disney World when we were growing up. She had not been in over 15 years so we decided to go over the Tuesday before Christmas (It’s only an hour away). I take it for granted living so close. I only go over once or twice a year and it’s usually on a random weekday when school is in so I was thinking since it was a Tuesday it might not be too crowded. Wrong! It was wall to wall people. We got there a half hour after the park opened and all of the best rides had been booked for the day. We did ride a few attractions and wandered around the countries. We had lunch in France. It kept getting more crowded so we headed out after 3pm. I didn’t want to lug around my regular camera stuff so I just took my Iphone and all of the above were taken with that.

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7 thoughts on “Traveling light at Epcot – Skywatch Friday

  1. I totally agree with not lugging a lot of gear around when you are just trying to have a relaxing and enjoyable time. These photos turned out just great and looks like you had a good time despite the crowds.

  2. Your phone pics are excellent. WE really do need to go to Epcot. Have been to DisneyLAND quite a few times, so I don’t care about any part of Disney World except Epcot. But even it isn’t high on my priority list. I suppose during the Holiday season there were a lot of families there. We took our kids to DisneyLand for Christmas a couple of times, after they all got too old for Santa Claus. Crowded, but marginally better than our summer visits.

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