A busy morning on my bike

It was mid-July and I still hadn’t seen the baby turkeys this summer. I had heard they were around from neighbors but I kept missing them. I went out for a bike ride one morning and there they were. Crossing the street and almost grown. I knew they would be in the woods in a second so I hopped off my bike and snapped the above.

As I passed them by I was able to get a quick shot before they went under the wooden fence and disappeared into the woods. They were still in that “cute” stage.

As I got around to the open utility field I saw a deer couple. The male looked young with those tiny antlers.

I saw another turkey family, all grown ups, far off on the other side of the field. They were heading behind someone’s house. When I got around to the other street they were feeding in front of a home, scratching around for bugs.

I stopped by the pond behind the golf center and found some baby mallards on the other side of the pond. I rarely see baby ducks here. In our old neighborhood in Tampa there were always a ton of babies almost all year round, both mallards and muscovy.

I also found some baby moorhens.

A great egret flies by as I was taking pictures of the moorhens.

Across the golf course I could see a doe running into the cover. I’m thinking she looked pregnant.

Flowers blooming around the neighborhood.

4 thoughts on “A busy morning on my bike

  1. I love all the babies, they turkeys, ducks and moorhens. Great captures of the deer and the egret in flight! The waterlily and the bird of paradise are lovely flowers. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend.

  2. There’s nothing cuter than baby critters…LOVE the little turkeys. I saw a Buck and one antler was shorter than the other. I didn’t know that is common but now you’ve seen one. Can’t be the same one! hahaha!

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